I was super lazy this week

I was really busy this week. That was my excuse. This week in particular I had to head down to NYC for a day, it was my daughter’s birthday, plus I had a night out with friends planned. In fact, I had to attend an event for my niece and chaperone a Saturday birthday party with a gaggle of screaming 7-year-olds. So, like I mentioned, I was really busy.

Now, with all that being said, sure, it may have thrown me off for a few days. But, it was also cold in the mornings, and I’ve been working late into the night on some projects. So it became very easy for me to blow off my runs. Well now here we are on Sunday and I hadn’t done any running all week. I took a few walks during lunch (one at a brisk 14:45/mi pace), but that pales in comparison to a good solid half hour run. I couldn’t possible let the entire week go by and not at least get a few miles in.

So I suited up, chose a good podcast to listen to, and set out to conquer 7 miles (because, you know, I had to make up for lost time). Well, I finished, but not without a few lazy walks mixed in. In my defense, I did run a solid 3.5 miles straight before my first walk, but after that I had to mix in several more (especially on some of the big hills). Oh well, at least I got off my ass and pushed myself.

I’m now two and a half months into my 500 miles in 2015 goal, and sadly, I’m way off pace. Like any good lazy runner, though, I blame it on the cold and poor running conditions, oh, and the fact that I was just really busy (did I mention that?). I know that once the weather gets better (which it’s finally starting too) that I’ll get out more, particularly because it won’t take me 15 minutes to put all my running gear on. When that happens I know I can pick up the pace and get closer to 15mi/week, which will 1) help me catch up, and 2) put some miles in the bank for when I do get lazy come late fall.

Seriously, though, I was really busy this week, but I still found the time to run 7.1 miles. No matter how lazy, I mean busy, we get, do yourself a favor and take an hour (or even a half hour) to get some miles in. I may be off my goal’s pace, but I feel a hell of a lot better about myself having at least done something.

Happy Running!

~ Lucas

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