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Lessons Learned Trying to Achieve My Goal

Well, I’m over 75% completed my goal to run 500 miles this year! I actually hit 75% a few days before the end of August, so technically I was an entire month ahead of schedule. Now I just need to run 30 miles a month (by the end of the year) to finish my goal. But I plan on finishing by the end of October, for reasons I’ll get into.

As of today, I’m at 389.26 miles, which, when I think about it, is a lot for me (maybe most people). When I decided to set this goal, I thought, “10 miles a week, that’s nothing.” Well, I can tell you, for a busy 36 year-old, who never really ran on a regular basis, this what much more than nothing.

389 miles

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8 days, 6 runs…

So this week has been pretty amazing so far. Out of the last 8 days I’ve managed to run 6 times. They were all just under 3 miles each, but that’s a lot better than not running at all.

Unfortunately, I may have fallen victim to the too much too soon curse. The inside of my shins started to hurt yesterday, but I decided to push through today anyway and I can definitely feel it taking its toll. I’ll need to rest tomorrow so that I don’t kill the good momentum I have going with another injury. That would make for an easy excuse.

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HOW TO: Recover like a Lazy Runner

Whether you’re just starting to run, or you have been an running for awhile, it’s important to properly recover from a run. For the lazy runner, it’s also important to not push yourself too hard and too fast. If you’re just starting out, don’t run every day of the week. Start off with just a few short runs a week. Proper recovery is important because this is where improvement will happen. Proper recovery will ensure that your body gets the right amount of rest it needs for the next work out session and for every day life activities.

Once you have finished a run, the recovery process is starting to take effect. The fibers in your muscles that have suffered micro-tearing and been robbed of energy are in the process of recovery. Also, your bones that took a toll during your run are starting their own recovery process. It’s important to follow a well-balanced recovery regimen to keep you on track and to stay healthy.

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