Monthly Archives: May 2015

What a week! 17.7 miles might be my all-time high

So last week I was really good. I mean, I ran every day except for two. That means 5 days on with just 2 days off. Throughout the week I did my typical 2.88 mile runs, but then on Saturday I did a long run of over 6 miles. I was very tired after, but happy with myself for doing so.

I probably over did it, but I’ve reduced my target miles per week to 10.82. If I can get a few more weeks in like this, I’ll be back on target for my 500 miles this year.

Happy Running!

~ Lucas

8 days, 6 runs…

So this week has been pretty amazing so far. Out of the last 8 days I’ve managed to run 6 times. They were all just under 3 miles each, but that’s a lot better than not running at all.

Unfortunately, I may have fallen victim to the too much too soon curse. The inside of my shins started to hurt yesterday, but I decided to push through today anyway and I can definitely feel it taking its toll. I’ll need to rest tomorrow so that I don’t kill the good momentum I have going with another injury. That would make for an easy excuse.

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A little run goes a long way…well, sort of

It’s been a week now since I’ve been back from vacation, and I’m somewhat proud to say, that I think I’m getting back into the groove. I posted about  my Wednesday run, but I also ran on Friday morning and today after doing some yard work. Getting up is getting easier with the sunny, not-so-cold mornings, and being able to run in shorts again is fabulous. Getting all the winter stuff on is such a hassle.

I only ran 9 miles this week, but it’s a heck of a lot better than zero. Now I just need to keep this up so I can start getting at least 11 miles a week in so I can still meet my 500 mile goal for 2015. These may not be long runs, but 3 miles here and 3 miles there start to add up.

How are you doing with your running goals?

Happy Running!

~ Lucas