8 days, 6 runs…

So this week has been pretty amazing so far. Out of the last 8 days I’ve managed to run 6 times. They were all just under 3 miles each, but that’s a lot better than not running at all.

Unfortunately, I may have fallen victim to the too much too soon curse. The inside of my shins started to hurt yesterday, but I decided to push through today anyway and I can definitely feel it taking its toll. I’ll need to rest tomorrow so that I don’t kill the good momentum I have going with another injury. That would make for an easy excuse.

I’m now nearly a quarter of the way (24%) through my 500 mile goal for 2015. RunKeeper says I need to average 11.04 miles per week to meet it. That is more than the 10 miles per week I originally figured, but that’s what happens when you slack off. I’m going to make this.

Happy running!

~ Lucas

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