Vacation + Dedication = Motivation

I’ve been back from my two week vacation for over a week now, so I figured it was time to get everyone caught up. I spent two glorious weeks on the beach, and other than two days that were kind of rainy, we had nothing but sun. Before I left I was just about caught up to where my average miles per week would total more that 500 for the year. So I decided to set a mini goal to run 40 miles in the 14 days that I was away. Good news, I DID! Bad news, it killed my feet.

40.3 Miles in 14 Days

My plan was to run every other day. So I started on Sunday and ran 6.34 miles, then Tuesday for 6.77 miles, then Thursday for 6.01 miles. I then ran a quick 2.81 miles on Saturday. The next week was a little different. I want to take Sunday off, and then it rained on Monday. So I did 7.11 miles on Tuesday, 5.06 miles on Thursday, 2.82 miles on Friday, and then 3.38 miles on Saturday. This gave me a combined total of 40.3 milesĀ in 14 days. I was pretty excited.

This made a huge impact on my overall goal of 500 miles. I’m now well above the pace AND I ran 17 miles last week once I got home from vacation.

Running Progress


I’m now 68% done! If I can keep up the pace of approximately 15 miles per week for the next month and a half, I’ll be in really good shape coming down the home stretch.

Happy Running!

~ Lucas

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