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Lazy Routes for the Lazy Runner

I have a a few loops around the streets of the little town where I live. Even though I live on top of a hill (which can make my runs more challenging), there are plenty of permutations to stretch or shorten my routes. Most of the time I lazy, but sometimes I’m not.

Having a few routes in your repertoire is never a bad thing. In fact, for the Lazy Runner, this gives you plenty of chances to be lazy, but still get a good run in. I also find that knowing exactly how much time and effort each route will take, helps to overcome your laziness.

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I’m a lazy runner

I love to run, or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I didn’t really start to “run” until a few years ago. Before that I used to exercise, mountain bike, play basketball, even go for the occasional jaunt on the treadmill, but it was always seasonal. I never found something that became habitual to me.

How about diets? Sure, I’ve tried them all. Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, low-carb, low-fat, shakes for lunch. I even tried taking “metabolism boosting pills” before I got married. Some of them worked. At one point I lost almost 40 pounds with the South Beach Diet (218 lbs to 179 lbs), which I was psyched about. But inevitably, I gained most of it back. My wife would complain because I’d be super strict for two months, lose a ton of weight, and then for the next three months I’d fall back into my old ways (bagels for breakfast and D’Angelo #9s for lunch).┬áIt was a constant struggle.

Then I started RUNNING, and it changed everything.

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