Finally getting back into the groove?

I’ve been lazier when it comes to blogging than┬áthan running.

I’ve taken the last two days off, but I had a pretty good weekend of running. Friday morning I went for a 2.88 mile run and then followed it up Saturday with a 5.76 mile jaunt. Sunday was Easter, so I gorged myself on ham and twice-baked potatoes, but then Monday night I did another 2.88 miles. I’m 19% of the way to my 500 mile goal and now I need to average 10.61 miles per week to achieve it.

Anyway, I thought I was getting back into the groove (maybe I am), but today I woke to an inch of slushy sleet on the ground. I’m hoping that this will be the last snowy morning (I mean, it is April 9th), so I can start running first thing every (well almost every) morning.

On another note, I have been pretty good about getting in a long walk at lunchtime every day. So far this week (3 days), I already have close to 6 miles. I figure, hey, it’s not running, but it keeps me moving, and since I walk at a fast pace (I shoot for sub 16 minute miles), I get some good cardio in with minimal effort. I logged 26 miles between running and walking last week; nothing to shake a stick at.

Happy Running!

~ Lucas

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