Another great week – 18.4 miles and closer to my goal

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted an update, but I’ve been very good. Two weeks ago I was a bit sick on that Saturday and was unable to do a planned 5 mile run, so I ended up short with just over 8 miles. However, I’ve been trying to be as aggressive as possible to make up for the few cold winter weeks that I slacked off. I’ve decided to try and do two “long” runs on the weekends of 5.3 miles each day. That way I get my baseline of 10+ miles in every week and then anything during the week is gravy.

So as of now I’m 190 miles in, which is 38% of my goal. As you can see from the graph below, I’m still not on target. In order for me to get back on track, I need to reach 250 miles by June 30, 2015. That’s another 60 miles in 21 days. That means I’ll need to run 20 miles a week. I doubt I’ll do that, but another few good weeks and I should be able to get there.

Goal Progress - 6/8/2015

Well, this is A LOT harder than I thought, but I am finding this goal to be VERY effective in keeping my motivation up. I’m planning on running tomorrow morning (just 2.88 miles), but every little bit helps.

On another note, I started the 100 pushup challenge a few weeks ago. I thought running 500 miles was hard? Well pushup are even more difficult. More on this later.

Happy Running!

~ Lucas

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